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 AGGF Rules

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PostSubject: AGGF Rules   AGGF Rules Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2007 1:26 pm

Admin feel free to modify anything.

Here are the basic rules for this forum:

1. This forum is for gas operated airsoft weapons only. Do not come here asking for advice on any electric or spring operated airsoft weapon. All posts will be locked.

2. Try to limit swearing, we do not currently have a swear filter set in place, but we can put one in. Dont drop the f-bomb to much, but we understand that sometimes it is necessary to understand the situation more.

3. NO FLAME WARS or bashing other members. If you have a dispute, PM the member and talk to them.

4. No rank posting. Please try to add information when you post to the orginal topic. If you just say "Thats cool." the post will be deleted, and you will lose 1 (one) post count.

5. If you dont like the way something is working, or there is a problem with a admins/mods actions, feel free to PM us and we will try and work it out.

If anyone has any more suggestions, PM me and I will add them on here.

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AGGF Rules
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